Complete transcription of the song “Señora Ley”

We present the song “Señora Ley” composed by Ramón Rodríguez of Conjunto Clásico, recorded in the album “Llegó La Ley” (1985), with Tito Nieves on vocals.

Conjunto Clasico was created in New York by Ray Castro and Ramon Rodriguez. In 1979 Tito Nieves was working with Hector Lavoe but was recalled to the project. Ramon had already worked with Tito a year before on an LP of the orchestra La Masacre and they knew each other very well.
This song is dedicated to the Dominican musician Fernando Villalona, a merengue great from the Dominican Republic, who had problems with drugs and ended up in jail.
The song is in the key of C minor, starts in clave 3-2 but changes to clave 2-3 just before the montuno begins.

The tutorial video with the complete song (demo) and a second video with the detailed explanation + the backing track without the piano for practice are available.
You will find it together with its PDF and the MP3 backing track in the section of: REPERTORIO of the BASIC LEVEL and also in our ALL REPERTORIO course.

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